GFW Duisburg

As a local organisation promoting economic development, we want Duisburg to be your ideal location, now and in the future. Dynamic companies need a strong local partner to support them during the various phases of their business. That is what GFW Duisburg is here for. We are a Public Private Partnership and our partners include the city of Duisburg, the Lower Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and local businesses and institutions. 

GFW Duisburg’s key tasks include finding commercial property of all kinds – from plots of land and factory buildings to warehouses, offices and consulting rooms. GFW Duisburg knows the properties in the city and has a direct line to property owners and the municipal authorities. GFW Duisburg supports businesses when approvals are required or conditions have to be met.

Networking in the local economy is another of our tasks. GFW Duisburg regularly invites businesses to trade and industry gatherings that bring together businesses with similar interests. Providing support for technology companies is another important area of activity. Tectrum, the technology centre for Duisburg, offers good growth opportunities for businesses in this field. In addition, GFW Duisburg takes part in Expo Real, the commercial property trade fair, to encourage investment in Duisburg.

As well as our primary fields of activity, we are also involved in numerous collaborative projects between schools and industry. Through these we are taking a proactive approach to tackling the challenges of demographic change and the associated shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). In our role as an economic development organisation in Duisburg, we have also been focusing recently on projects that deal with resource efficiency in companies, sustainable industrial parks, intensification of economic cooperation with China, and the whole Industry 4.0 arena.

Our team consists of business consultants and relocation experts who are very familiar with commercial property, various grant programmes, company situations, foreign trade, location marketing and PR and have good local and regional contacts. Our aim at GFW Duisburg is to get the local economy moving and keep it moving.